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Leon, Mexico 2016

Southeastern Balloon Services

Cameron Jones is a 2nd generation balloon pilot. His father, Dan Jones, started flying balloons in the southeast region during the 80's. It has been a family tradition ever since. Cameron continues this same tradition by including his youngest crew members on many ballooning adventures; twin daughters Arabella and Adelene. Often joining the Jones family is world-record balloon pilot, Andy Cayton and his son Gunner. An assortment of local crew members are also ready and willing to assist as ground support. Together this team provides a wonderful experience filled with aeronautical knowledge and history, and of course plenty of stories about adventure. Their professionalism ensures a safe and friendly environment for all to enjoy. S.B.S. is based out of Statesboro, GA, but is willing to travel anywhere in the southeast to fulfill your ballooning needs. Come fly with us!

Family recreation
Adelene and Arabella's first flight
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