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My good friend Benni Eimers, a master balloon pilot and artist from Germany, made this video of us flying in Festival Internacional del Globos down in Leon, Mexico. This is my second year (2017) attending this most prestigious and enjoyable event. There are 200 balloons with pilots from 30 different countries. It is seriously an excellent adventure. See if you can find The Pink Pachyderm balloon...???

"A Bird's Eye View" is a short film by Mick Miller showing Southeastern Balloon Services in action while floating over beautiful Statesboro, GA. A splendid video.

Here friend Matt NeSmith flies his powered para-glider over to say hello. His wife, Sarah, is riding with Southeastern Balloon Services in the gondola for her birthday balloon flight. What a way to celebrate!

Here he comes again... This time Matt flies all the way to Pembroke, GA to see his brother, Trent, fly with Southeastern Balloon Services. He makes it home just in time for dinner!

Well Matt must not want to fly with Southeastern Balloon Services. Here is he jumping out of a The Pink Pachyderm at 4 thousand feet above Statesboro, GA. Bombs Away!

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